2018-2019 URSA Small Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the 2018-19 URSA Small Grant Recipients! We wish you success on your upcoming research endeavors. To learn more about the URSA Small Grant Program and how to apply, click here.

Dr. Elyssia Gallagher - Chemistry & Biochemistry
Project Title: Comparing density functionals and basis sets for carbohydrates: developing a foundation for complex computational methods

Dr. Joaquin Lugo - Psychology & Neuroscience
Project Title: Inhibiting neuroinflammation to reduce the impacts of early-life seizures

Dr. Stephen Sloan - Oral History Institute
Project Title: In the Shadow of The Mountain: Stories from Soldiers in Tay Nihn

Dr. Bob Kane - Chemistry & Biochemistry
Project Title: TLR4 prodrugs for use in transplantation

Dr. Michael Trakselis - Chemistry & Biochemistry
Project Title: Establishing Methods for Monitoring Human DNA Polymerase Translesion Synthesis

Dr. David Kahle - Statistical Science
Project Title: Applied Algebraic Statistics through R: Applications of Bertini

Dr. Sara Alexander - Anthropology
Project Title: Local Residents’ Understanding of Climate Change and Perceptions of Risk in Western Belize

Dr. Sergiy Kudelia - Political Science
Project Title: Examining the patterns of terrorism in Tunisia after the Arab Spring

Dr. David Zori - Baylor Interdisciplinary Core
Project Title: Understanding the Archaeological Landscape of San Giuliano through Systematic Survey and Spatial Analysis

Dr. Howard Lee - Physics
Project Title: Manipulation of Quantum Emission and Absorptivity with Epsilon-near-zero Materials and Metasurfaces

Dr. JoAnn Tsang - Psychology & Neuroscience
Project Title: A humility-based intervention for increasing help-seeking behavior for anxiety and depression

Dr. Yang Li - Electrical Engineering
Project Title: Classification of Human Motion Activities using On-body E-textile Antennas

Dr. Rebecca Sheesley - Environmental Science
Project Title: Establishing a methylation method to quantify organic acids in Arctic aerosol

Dr. Shelby Garner - Nursing
Project Title: Building Health Champions among Youth in India for Non-Communicable Disease Prevention

Dr. Kelly Ylitalo - HHPR
Project Title: Evaluation of federally-funded summer meal program participation

Dr. Unisuk Koh - HHPR
Project Title: Effects of high-fat diet and exercise on total plasma macronutrient contents by Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy

Dr. Lorin Matthews - Physics
Project Title: Self-consistent Simulation of Microparticles and Ion Wakefield Configurations

Dr. Paul Fillmore - Communication Sciences & Disorders
Project Title: Evaluating efficacy of  EEG neurofeedback for treating cognitive-linguistic disorders in traumatic brain injury

Dr. Karen Melton - Family & Consumer Sciences
Project Title: Strengthening Children & Families: Improving Parental Nurturance through E.N.G.A.G.E.