Exploring Majors

Finding the right-fit major is a journey of exploration and self-reflection.  University Advisement advisors can help you in the process of identifying potential majors.

Feel free to visit our office in Sid Richardson during our walk-in hours to    start the discussion.

Want to get started exploring the possibilities? Here are some steps you       can take now:

Begin by narrowing the choices.

  • Review the list of Majors at Baylor
  • Eliminate majors or areas you are not considering.
  • Create a list of the 3-5 majors you find interesting.

Investigate the majors you have listed.

  • Are there specific qualifications to declare any of these majors? (Minimum GPA or prerequisite courses, for example)
  • Review the courses in the major.  Do you think those are interesting? Do those courses match your strengths?
  • What challenges do you see with requirements for any of the majors you are considering?
  • Are there courses you can take to explore the major? This may be determined by a discussion with the advisors in University Advisement.
  • Visit the department for the major(s) to talk with a faculty member about the major, coursework, and possible areas of research.

Find out if the major prepares you for the career you are considering.