Major Exploration

Finding the right-fit major is a journey of exploration and self-reflection.  University Advisement advisors can help you in the process of identifying potential majors.

Feel free to call or email University Advisement to get connected with an advisor who can help you with the journey. Our contact information is at the bottom of this page.

Want to get started exploring the possibilities? Here are some steps you can take now:

Begin by narrowing the choices.

Investigate the majors you have listed.

  • Are there specific qualifications to declare any of these majors? (Minimum GPA or prerequisite courses, for example)
  • Review the courses in the major.  Do you think those are interesting? Do those courses match your strengths?
  • What challenges do you see with requirements for any of the majors you are considering?
  • Are there courses you can take to explore the major? This may be determined by a discussion with the advisors in University Advisement.
  • Visit the department for the major(s) to talk with a faculty member about the major, coursework, and possible areas of research.

Find out if the major prepares you for the career you are considering.