Placement Exams

How do I know if I am required to take a placement exam?

To determine whether a placement exam is needed, students should check their goBAYLOR account to:

1. Verify their major and/or program in the “Profile” section at the bottom of their goBAYLOR page.

2. Be sure their final ACT or SAT scores have been received by Baylor (in the “List of Test Scores Received” section of goBAYLOR).

Placement exam results do not bear credit. The score determines the level of the course for which the student may register. Placement exam requirements are based on the student's choice of major and/or program, ACT or SAT scores and/or results of an online learning module.

Chemistry Placement (For registration in Chemistry 1301) Students who need to take Chemistry 1301 for their major or degree program will need to meet one of the criteria before registration in the class:

  • ≥ RSAT MATH 580 or ACT MATH 24
  • ≥ 85 on ALEKS for Chemistry

Majors and Programs that May Require Chemistry 1301

For more information about ALEKS for Chemistry, see the ALEKS for Chemistry web page.

Mathematics Placement (For registration in Pre-Calculus or Calculus) Students who need to take Calculus or Pre-Calculus for their major or degree program will need to meet one of the criteria before registration in one of the classes.

- Calculus -- MTH 1321

  • ≥ RSAT MATH 650 or ACT MATH 27
  • ≥ 80 on ALEKS for Math
  • ≥ B- in MATH 1320

- Pre-Calculus -- MTH 1320

  • ≥ RSAT MATH 550 or ACT MATH 22
  • ≥ 61 on ALEKS for Math

Majors/Programs that Require Calculus or Pre-Calculus

For more information about ALEKS for Math, see the Math web page at

Precalculus for Business students (MTH 1308) and Calculus for Business (MTH 1309) courses do not require the ALEKS for Math placement exam. Students who have these scores may skip MTH 1308 and register for MTH 1309.

- Calculus for Business Students -- MTH 1309

  • ≥ RSAT MATH 620 or ACT MATH 26

Modern Language Placement Exam – MLPE (For registration in French, German, or Spanish)

The foreign language requirement for most majors calls for 1) at least six hours of courses taken at Baylor in a certain language and 2) demonstrated competence in that language at the third semester (2310) level or higher. Students should begin their study at a level consistent with their previous preparation in the language. To that end, an appropriate score on the Placement Exam in French, German, or Spanish allows students who have studied any of these languages to register for a higher-level course in order to complete the requirement in only two semesters. For advanced placement in other languages, contact the division director for that language. The Placement Exam is not required if you wish to register for a beginning course (1301) in French, German, Spanish, or any other language.

The Modern Language Placement Exam is available online free of charge to current students or students who have been accepted to Baylor. Incoming students are encouraged to take the exam before New Student Orientation in June. More information on the online exam: MLC Placement Exam.

English Placement Essay Exam (EPE)

Research Writing Distribution List Placement Criteria*

Students will be required to take the English Placement Exam (EPE) before registering for a course on the Research Writing Distribution List unless they have achieved one of the following:

  • A score of 20 or above on the English component of the ACT, or
  • A score of 500 or above on the Critical Reading component of the SAT or 28 or above on the Reading component of the RSAT.

Based upon a reading by English faculty members, the results of the essay exam will place a student in English 1301 (for International Students only) or English 1302, or allow a student to register for a course from the Research Writing Distribution list.

Contact Tashi Flaig for access or questions concerning the EPE.

*Students who began coursework at Baylor prior to Summer 2019 should check with their advisor to determine appropriate English placement criteria and degree requirements.