Grade Point Average

Why is your grade point average important?

A grade average of "C" or better must be maintained overall and in all major and minor fields and academic specializations. The "C" average is only a minimum.

Students should be aware that some academic programs, scholarships, student activities, graduate programs and professional schools may require a GPA above a 2.0.

The GPA calculator can help you set goals for grades in individual classes each semester.

DID YOU KNOW that you can also find your cumulative GPA and your major GPA on your degree audit, which is available on Bear Web for students in most majors?

How do I use the Academic Planner-GPA Calculator?

The Academic Planner-GPA Calculator combines an academic planner with a GPA calculator to aid in plotting your course for your academic career and tracking your progress toward your goal of graduation. You can use this tool to plan courses for your degree and major. You can add courses for a minor if you decide you want to pursue one. To access the calculator, simply click on the link in the box to the right and follow the directions on the sheet.

How many GPAs do I have?

GPA can be calculated for the semester (called term GPA) or the overall progress (called cumulative GPA). You have an overall GPA that includes all courses, even those that have been repeated. Your Baylor GPA includes only those classes taken at Baylor, and takes only the most recent grade of those courses repeated. Some students will find it important to calculate their GPA for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math (including Statistics). This is your BCPM GPA. Finally, you have a major GPA that is calculated using courses indicated as required for the major in accordance with the appropriate Undergraduate Catalog.

What can it do for me?

From the information you provide on the form, the calculator will automatically calculate cumulative and term GPAs for Baylor, overall, and major GPAs. It can also show you how many upper level courses were taken and needed. And, it can show you how many semesters it will take to complete a given academic plan.

So let's get started by clicking on the Calculator link in the box on the right. If you have questions about anything, please contact your advisor for help.