Credit by Exam

Baylor's Testing Office, called Institutional Research and Testing, provides a variety of services to prospective and current Baylor students and to the greater Waco Community.

To review credit policies for various testing programs available through the Testing Office, click here: Testing Office Credit Policies. Links are provided to information regarding:

AP - Advanced Placement Program
CLEP - College-Level Examination Program
SAT - Scholastic Assessment Test
IB - International Baccalaureate
ACT - American College Testing Program
GRE - Graduate Record Examination
GMAT - Graduate Management Admission Test
LSAT - Law School Admission Test
MAT - Miller Analogies Test
MCAT - Medical College Admission Test

Scores required on "credit by exam" to earn Baylor credit

To review the scores required by Baylor on various exams for credit (such as AP or CLEP, for example) click here: Credit by Examination Policies


You might also wish to learn more about Baylor placement exams (not for credit)

Placement exams offered by Baylor in English, Math, French, German, and Spanish

Baylor requires placement exams for some students who plan to enroll in English, French, German, Pre-Calculus, Calculus I, and Spanish. These exams are not given to grant credit but are used strictly for placing the student at the appropriate level of coursework. To review the policies regarding Baylor placement exams, click here: Placement Exams