Secondary Majors

Secondary majors allow a student from one degree program to earn a secondary major from a participating department within a different program by fulfilling the requirements set forth by that participating department but without requiring students to enroll in the additional courses that comprise that other program's core curriculum. Through the secondary major option, upon graduation, a student earns one baccalaureate degree from Baylor (through the fulfillment of all requirements from the student's home college or school). Although that student will not be awarded a second degree, the student's transcript will reflect that he or she has earned a secondary major in that second area of study.

Interested students should contact their academic advisor or the "secondary" department as early in their undergraduate studies as possible to determine if a secondary major is available and to receive advising.

Below is a list of approved secondary majors.


  • Anthropology
  • Arabic and Middle East Studies
  • Asian Studies


  • Astronomy


  • Astrophysics


  • Aviation Sciences


  • Biology


  • Classics


  • Communication Specialist


  • Communication


  • English


  • Film and Digital Media


  • French


  • Geology


  • German


  • Great Texts of the Western Tradition


  • Greek


  • History


  • Instrumental Music Performance


  • Italian Studies


  • Journalism


  • Keyboard Performance


  • Latin


  • Latin American Studies


  • Mathematics


  • Philosophy


  • Physics


  • Political Science


  • Professional Writing and Rhetoric


  • Religion


  • Russian


  • Slavic and East European Studies


  • Sociology


  • Spanish


  • Statistics


  • Theatre Arts