Use the Undergraduate Catalog

The undergraduate catalog is an important resource for:

  • University Policies and Regulations
  • Degree and Major Information (alpha by college, school or program)
  • Course Descriptions (alpha by subject and prefix)
What you can expect to find:
  • How do I know my classification?
  • Am I eligible to participate in student activities?
  • What is the procedure for dropping a class?
  • What are Baylor's policies regarding transfer credit from another university?
  • What do course numbers mean?
  • What are Baylor's grading and exam policies?
  • What exactly do probation and suspension mean?
  • What is required to graduate in four years?
  • What are requirements for degrees and majors?
  • What are the topics included in a course?
  • What are the prerequisites for a course?
It is sometimes necessary to change the programs offered. Baylor University retains the right to terminate or change any and all other aspects of its educational and other programs at any time
without prior notice.

Follow this link to access the Undergraduate Catalog.