Faculty & Staff

Faculty Steward - Brian Thomas

The faculty steward is the symbolic leader of the Teal community. This faculty member lives in the residence hall with their family and serves as a resource and supporter of Teal residents. The faculty steward provides guidance for the community and seeks to engage students by integrating elements of Teal’s mission into the daily life of Teal Residential College through programs and building connections.

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Program Director - Sarah Miller

The Program Director of Teal Residential College is a student affairs professional within the School of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS). The Program Director is responsible for the marketing, recruitment, and admissions process for Teal. In collaboration with the Faculty Steward, the Program Director serves as the staff advisor to the College Council - providing guidance through mentoring, training, and logistical support.

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Hall Director - Delacy Carpenter

The Hall Director of Teal Residential College is a live-in professional staff member within Campus Living & Learning. The Hall Director is responsible for promoting student learning, spiritual formation, and citizenship development in the residential experience. In collaboration with the Faculty Steward and the Program Director, the Hall Director appoints and supervises the Community Leaders, Resident Chaplain, and Office Assistants.

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Resident Chaplain - Elijah Tanner

The Resident Chaplain is a current Truett Seminary student who lives in the residential college and is a pastoral presence for the community. Through both formal and informal interactions, the Chaplain engages students to meet the ministerial needs of the community. The Chaplain works with the Faculty Master and a subcommittee of the College Council to cast a vision for the spiritual formation of the community, plan service projects, and provide direction and leadership for worship and prayer services.

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