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Teal Residential College is a living-learning program designed for students within the School of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) and the School of Nursing at Baylor University. Teal is a multi-classification housing experience which allows students with similar academic pursuits to live together in community bonding through shared experiences both in and outside of the classroom. This housing model was born out of conversation among students who expressed a desire to live with others embarking on a similar academic journey. In 2004, ECS opened its first living-learning program with only 75 students and has grown into a thriving program serving 350 students through the residential college model. The goal of Teal is to connect students and help build supportive community, specifically among students in these academically rigorous fields.

What is a residential college?

A Residential College is a community steeped in tradition and intentional fellowship. As a multi-classification community of students, Teal College offers a physical and organizational framework at the nexus of faith, intellect and community - a place where we can ask big questions, explore them in the comfort of our collective living room, and attempt to live in accordance with the answers. We engage as a community of students, faculty, and staff as we explore our calling together - a calling both to excel in our work and to be people of faith and virtue.

Teal Residential College

Teal Residential College
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