University Withdrawal


Monday, March 29, 2021

**Last day to receive a refund from a withdrawal is Friday, March 26, 2021.

For information about University Withdrawals after the deadline above, please click for the Late University Withdrawal Process.


  • University Withdrawal refers to discontinuing all classes only for the semester in which a student is currently enrolled. A University Withdrawal occurs on or after the first day of classes, and prior to the University Withdrawal deadline.
  • The University Withdrawal process includes completing an online University Withdrawal form and having an exit interview before leaving the university for the semester.
  • The effective date of a University Withdrawal is established by the date on which a student initially contacts Academic Support Programs to express that they wish to withdraw. Under no circumstance does notifying professors or dropping classes constitute an official University Withdrawal. Leaving the University without following the established procedure will result in "Failure" of all courses for which the student is registered.

Consult the Spring 2021 University Withdrawal Checklist.

To begin the University Withdrawal process, complete these steps:

Complete the online Withdrawal Form.

  • Mandatory Exit Interview:
    • Students on Waco Campus: Contact Academic Support Programs in any of the following ways:
      • in person: basement level of the West Wing of Sid Richardson during regular business hours (Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm)
      • by phone: 254-710-8696
      • by email:
    • Students in the Louise Herrington School of Nursing (Dallas Campus): Contact the Associate Dean's Office for the exit interview.
    • Online Graduate Students: Contact your advisor or program director for the exit interview.
  • Student Financial Services Office, Clifton Robinson Tower, First Floor, (254) 710-2611
    Contact the Student Financial Aid Office online.
    Contact this office to discuss the financial implications of a University Withdrawal, such as the repayment of loans and future financial aid, including scholarships.
  • Cashier's Office, Clifton Robinson Tower, First Floor, (254) 710-2311
    Contact the Cashier's Office online.
    Contact this office if you have questions regarding tuition, refund, or your financial account.
  • Campus Living and Learning, (254) 710-3642 Living. If living in campus housing, a student has 48 hours to cancel housing and vacate the residence hall. Please note that the student may lose card swipe access to their housing and other campus facilities. For more information regarding campus housing, contact this office.
**If you plan to return to Baylor, complete the Student Reactivation Process prior to the semester you plan to return. For information about this process go to


Contact Academic Support Programs located in the basement of the West Wing of Sid Richardson by phone (254) 710-8696 or by email at Academic Support.

Refer to the 2020- 2021 Undergraduate Catalog pages 26 - 28 for CRITICAL information about the University Withdrawal process.

All academic actions, deadlines and, grading periods are posted on the University Academic Calendar.