Departmental Tutoring

Accounting & Business Law
A list of tutors is available in the department office.


Tutoring information is posted in the Biology department office. Tutoring is also available through the Beta Beta Beta Honors Society.


Chemistry and Biochemistry
A list of graduate student tutors is available in the department office. These tutors charge a fee.


A student worker tutor is available.
710-1399 or your professor


Engineering and Computer Science

Login to the Student Success Collaborative (linked below) and click "Get Tutoring" for tutoring availability through the ECS Learning Resource Center:


The Writing Center


Graduate teaching assistants are available for informal tutoring.
710-2361 or your professor


A Math Lab staffed by graduate students is available from 3:00-5:00 pm Monday-Wednesday and Friday. The Math Lab is also available Monday-Thursday from 6:00-8:00 pm. Room #326. The department maintains a list of Math Tutors.
710-3561 or your professor


Modern Foreign Languages
Student workers are employed as tutors.
710-3711 or your professor

  • German Division: Emily Archer and Emily Martin offer tutoring in the afternoons in Old Main.
  • Spanish Division: Charla Spring 2017 Schedule 


Students should go first to their professor for tutoring options. Graduate students in the META Lab on the 3rd floor of Moody Library provide basic help. A list of tutors for Music Theory and Musicianship may be found in Waco Hall East. These tutors charge a fee.


Graduate student tutors are available. Some classes have assigned tutors.


Graduate students offer tutoring, primarily for Physics 1 and 2. Schedules are posted in the Physics department.


Graduate student tutors are available. Most classes have assigned TAs.
710-3735 or your class TA


The Department of Statistical Science offers free tutoring to Baylor students from 4 - 7 pm Monday - Thursday in the Mars McLean Science building MMSCI, room GL51.


Other departments offering tutoring options may contact the Tutoring Coordinator at x8254 to be added to this list.