Know Your Neighbor Week

What is Know your Neighbor Week?
From Saturday, November 5, to Thursday, November 10, the Success Center is hosting and celebrating programs that shine a light on the many unique populations that makeup our wonderful Baylor community. A week-long, deep dive into many of the enriching facets of the Baylor community entitled Know Your Neighbor Week. Be ready to get curious about your extended Baylor Family, where they come from, what their experience is like, how you might be a good neighbor, and how they enrich our lives and the Baylor community and how you enrich theirs.
Raising Awareness:
Whether it’s celebrating First-Gen students, listening to student stories on social media, reading an article, or volunteering at the Baylor Free Farmers Market there a lot of resources and activities available this week to learn more about your neighbors in the Baylor community.
Taking Action:
When we shine a light on the experience of the many different student populations across Campus and learn more about who are Neighbor is, we also bring to light the particular challenges and obstacles they face; the most frequent response we hear is, “How can I help?”

If that applies to you, we invite you to learn more and take action:

  • Give directly to The Food Security Endowment created by the Faculty Senate and Staff Council to ensure we can minimize food insecurity for future students at Baylor.
  • Swipe out Hunger on campus by donating unused or surplus dining hall meal swipes to students who need them by visiting your favorite dining hall and mentioning “swipe out hunger” at the register to donate.
  • Give to The Store Excellence account to help meet the needs of current students or volunteer.
  • Give to VETS Excellence account to help meet the needs of current VETS.
Gaining Access:
The Baylor Family is committed to supporting undergraduate students in their pursuit of a truly transformational education, this means caring for students holistically. There are a number of programs and departments designed to support students wherever they are on their Baylor journey. We want to take this week to encourage all Baylor Students to familiarize themselves with the resources that are available should they ever need them:


Questions or suggestions about Know Your Neighbor Week?