Student Stories

Anna Linh Thy Au
"The transfer student community at Baylor has helped me accept that it's okay to not know some things and feel a bit lost at first because you'll have the advisors and friends in the program to help guide you through that confusion."
Sabrina Goss
"The program helped me get comfortable so that I could get involved in a way that I would not have even thought about before. They gave me support and pointed me towards the resources I needed. It's great to know that they have my back."
Nicole Ma
"It's really great to have these support programs because sometimes you need that one-on-one support." "I found that it's more efficient and a smarter use of my time to get help on certain problems that I would otherwise spend hours stuck on."
Maquela Noel
"The people in the program have taken care of me past the scholarships and financial aid." "They are not only concerned with helping me able to stay at Baylor but also want to see me thrive here."
Treasure Ramirez
"The McNair program is really intense, fast-paced and requires a lot from you. But at the end of the day, you gain a lot in terms of skills and readiness for your future. Being in the program really helped me gain confidence not just in research but in my own capabilities as a person as well."
Allie Steed
"My advisor helped me see that I had wanted to become a nurse to eventually become an administrator. By exploring different possibilities together, I realized that there were different and faster ways to accomplish that goal. My conversation with her shifted everything; she helped guide me towards a path that I was more excited about than before."