2013-14 Vice Provost for Global Engagement Search Update

Oct. 3, 2013

The Vice Provost for Global Engagement Search Committee has completed drafting the position announcement and has begun to identify individuals who can serve as sources of nominations. In order to develop a deep, diverse, and robust pool of prospects, we very much need your help. We seek your suggestions of both potential sources for nominations as well as your own nominations of possible candidates for the position.

Your nominations, and suggestions of sources for additional nominations, should be sent to the special mailbox established for the search:

The position announcement crafted by the Search Committee, along with other information regarding the search including the composition of the search committee, the confidentiality agreement under which we are working, a brief description of the search process, and prior search updates can be found at the website for the search:

In forwarding either recommended sources or nominations, it would be very helpful if you provide us with sufficient information to ensure that we are focused on the correct individual. In addition, when making nominations we ask that you at least briefly describe why you believe your nominees make good potential prospects for the position. However, in order to minimize the possibility that individuals are contacted multiple times, we ask that you allow the Search Committee to be the sole point of contact with potential sources and nominees.

As applications and nominations come in, the Search Committee will begin the process of qualifying applicants and assessing the credentials of nominees. This next phase of our work will be strictly confidential. A document outlining the provisions of the confidentiality agreement within which the Search Committee is conducting its work can be found at the search website noted above. We anticipate this process of narrowing down the pool of potential prospects will occupy the Search Committee for the remainder of the semester.

Our aim is to identify a set of finalists to bring to campus before spring break. When we approach that stage we will provide specific information about the process for on-campus visits.

In addition to your nominations, if you have comments or questions for the committee, please send them directly to the special mailbox we have established for the search: