Student Organization Tailgating

Student organization tailgating will be featured in an area just off the walkway, near the football practice fields and the Gov. Bill and Vara Daniel Historic Village. With an area for the Baylor Line and spaces for student organizations, all students will have a social environment all their own with one of the best views of McLane Stadium!

2017 Tailgate Promotions

  • Did you tailgate for a full season last year? If so, renew your reservation for $150.00. Deadline August 12.
  • Did you tailgate for one game last year? If so, expand your reservation to a full season for $175.00. Deadline August 12.
  • Not interested in a full season reservation? Buy a conference game (excluding Homecoming) and receive a non-conference reservation free!

RESERVE Your Tailgate Spot Today!

Managing Your Student Organization Tailgate

  • The Student Organization Tailgate Area will have 35 spaces available for reservation.
  • Each student organization will have a 25x25 foot space.
  • Student organizations with a reserved tailgating location will provide a primary and secondary contact for all student leaders involved with facilitating the tailgate experience.
  • If the primary contact will not be present at the tailgate, please provide the substitute contact’s information.
  • Organizations may begin arriving to the Allison Practice Facility lot no earlier than 6 hours to kick-off.
  • All vehicles entering for load-in must have a designated student organization tailgate parking pass.
  • Parking passes will be distributed weekly. Tailgate contacts will pick up permits from the Department of Student Activities beginning Tuesday the week of each home game.
  • Parking is available for one vehicle per organization in the Allison Practice Facility lot.
  • Permits are to be displayed at all times.
  • Vehicles parked in Allison Practice Facility without the displayed permit will be towed at owner’s expense.
  • Utility vehicles are available for movement of large tailgate supplies (i.e. grills, seating, tents) for 4 hours.
  • Student Organization Tailgating staff may review items entering the tailgating location including, but not limited to, coolers, large containers, bins, and boxes prior to entering the facility.
  • Organizations must have representatives at the loading space as well as the tailgate space.
  • Vehicles are not permitted in the Highers Complex fields or the Student Organization Tailgating Area.
  • The Student Organization Tailgate Area is an alcohol, smoke, and tobacco free environment.
  • At 30 mins to kick-off the Student Tailgate Area will close.
  • Trash and coal are to be placed in marked bins.
  • Tailgate attendees must exit the area.
  • Tailgating supplies are to be prepared for post-game load-out.
Load-out – Post-Game
  • Tailgate contacts will report back to the Student Organization Tailgate Area post-game to remove and load-out all tailgating supplies immediately following the conclusion of the game.
  • Utility vehicles are available for movement of large tailgate supplies (i.e. grills, seating, tents).
  • All supplies must be removed no later than 1.5 hours post-game.
  • All items not removed with 1.5 hours will be discarded by stadium staff.
  • Student Organizations may host mixers in the student organization tailgating area.
  • Student organizations with season reservations will forego their spot for that game in exchange for the mixer.
  • Organizations needing to rent tailgate equipment must submit the “Tailgate Equipment Form” available online and submit payment no later than 12:00 p.m. the Tuesday prior to the game needed.
  • You can find the reservation form online.
Game day Timeline:


  • 6 hours to kick-Off: Student Tailgating Area opens
  • 3 hours to kick-Off: No Vehicle Access to Allison Practice Facility
  • 2 hours to kick-off: Utility vehicle assistance stops
  • 30 mins to kick-off: Student Organization Tailgating Area closes

All items are to be removed from the Student Tailgating Area no later than 1.5 hours following the conclusion of the game.

Student Activities or Baylor Athletics is not liable for any lost, stolen, or broken item.