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Baylor University Garden & Urban Gardening Coalition Internships

Disciplines: Environmental Science


Campus Kitchens and community partners are committed to relieving and ending local hunger through community urban gardens. Interns will work at the Baylor Community Garden or other Waco-area community gardens in town. Students may either design their own project or choose from a number of established opportunities.  These gardens have a special focus on sustainable water-use technologies as sustainable technologies will be designed and tested by students at these sites. 

Positions Available:

Campus Kitchen Community Garden

This garden produces directly for Baylor Campus Kitchens, 70% of the produce will be used  in preparation of meals that will be distributed through community non-profits. It is a raised bed garden with emphasis on production and education.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Research, design, plant, and maintain a functional herb garden. 
  • Research, design, and implement sustainable rainwater filtration systems. 
  • Seek and maintain soil records and analysis. 
  • Assist in the research and implementation of organic record keeping systems. 
  • Assist in nutrition education for elementary-aged children.

North Waco Training Farm

The Waco Community Development Center, The Urban Gardening Coalition and other community organizations are partnering to create a youth training farm. The farm will include a vegetable garden, herb garden, composting station, and a small orchard on 11th and West Avenue. It will equip underprivileged youth with the skills to plant and grow their own beautiful, healthy food while imparting the business knowledge to keep smart personal finances and the connections to start a small business through the Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market.

Key Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Assist in planting, maintaining, and harvesting a vegetable garden.
  • Assist in planting and maintaining a small orchard.
  • Assist in planting and maintaining an herb garden.
  • Lead Elementary and VBS tours.
  • Assess Compost and Composting System: implement improvements.
  • Aid in the transport, sale, and distribution of produce at market (as needed or desired by intern)
  • Participate in assessments and adjusting of youth programing (if qualified and desired by intern)
  • Bring an excellent attitude and sense of humor to work (if qualified)

Rapoport Academy

This garden is on the Middle School Portion of the Rapoport Academy. It was implemented by and is run today entirely by middle school students. It was originally designed to be an herb garden sustaining itself by selling to high-end restaurants in town. Students who participate are in a progressive science classroom.

Key Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Aid students in designing an effective and efficient crop rotation.
  • Maintain a drip irrigation system.
  • Research, design, and provide nutrition education.