Division of Student Life Fundraising Priorities

Fundraising Priorities
In order to enhance our ability to shape students' lives, the Division of Student Life is seeking donors to help fund division-wide priorities in the following areas: expanding student mental and physical health services; increasing student participation in life-changing mission experiences; and enhancing student involvement in Baylor University traditions and spirit-related programs, leadership development opportunities, and community service experiences.
Expand Student Mental and Physical Health Services
Funds are needed to renovate and expand existing facilities in order to meet the ever-increasing psychological, medical, and health and fitness needs of students. From onetime funding for outreach programs to pledges of ongoing support for renovation and expansion, your assistance in expanding our current services to students is needed now more than ever.
  • $250,000 endowment for Wellness Center educational programming
  • $500,000 renovation to Counseling Center
  • $750,000 renovation to Health Center
  • $60 million expansion to the McLane Student Life Center
Increase Student Participation in Life-Changing University Mission Experiences
Currently, 200 students participate annually in Spiritual Life sponsored mission trips. These trips typically cost $3800, and even with a strong individual fundraising effort, are cost prohibitive for a number of students who desire to go. The goal is to have at least 1000 students participate each year in these life-changing experiences. To do so will require additional funds to be raised to help offset the cost each student must bear.
  • $5 million dollar endowment
Enhance Student Involvement in Baylor Traditions and Spirit, Leadership Development, and Community Service
From the classroom to the boardroom, the church house to the White House, to all places in between, our mission is to educate leaders and servants who will go forth and help heal a hurting world. To do so will require not just learning about but also engaging in leadership and service while here at Baylor. With your financial support, we can expand the number of students who participate in Baylor Line Camp, enhance our living and learning communities, add staff advisors to student organizations, increase leadership development and community service programs, and make it possible for more students to become involved in meaningful out-of-class experiences through scholarships and financial awards.
  • $50,000 per year for student leadership and community service programming
  • $250,000 endowment for Multicultural Affairs internships
  • $500,000 endowment for Baylor Line Camp registration scholarships
  • $1 million combined endowment for student leader scholarships
  • $60 million to build a new student union

Student Life will be a transformative presence in all our students’ lives, equipping them to make a positive impact on society.