Supervisor Forms

If you are a supervisor of Baylor student workers, then please use the following forms to assist with managing various aspects of student employment within your area.

Use this job aid, if you need to send a requisition link to students when your job has not yet posted.

Watch this video, to learn how to create a job offer for student workers.

Use these questions, to learn how to conduct an interview.

Student Employment Forms

Additional Student Employment Forms Found in Ignite

There are additional Student Employment Forms you may need such as creating a job posting, rehiring a student, separating a student, etc. For these forms and more, you will log into Ignite and complete the forms through the online system. Use the following instructions to access these additional Student Employment Forms.

View other Student Employment Supervisor resources and reference guides within Ignite.

How to View SE Forms in Ignite

If you have questions regarding any Student Employment forms, please email

Student Employment

Clifton Robinson Tower
Suite 200
Waco, TX

(254) 710-4100