Student Success Collaborative (SSC)

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What is SSC?

SSC combines technology, research, and predictive analytics to improve how faculty and staff support students in their quest to reach their academic goals. We know that students want to graduate in the shortest amount of time with the highest GPA possible. However, Baylor has a vested interest in helping students achieve these goals. Hence, we want to employ every tool we can to assist us in identifying the information necessary to offer the services to students who need the support.

SSC will equip advisors and certain staff members with information gathered from students, faculty, and 10 years of Baylor-specific historical student data to help students navigate a pathway through successful degree completion. Baylor strives to help students set and reach tangible academic goals, and we have invested in SSC so that we can invest in Baylor students.

SSC for Faculty/Staff:

  • Record notes from sessions with students.
  • Easily see how many students visited with you over the semester.
  • Submit progress reports.
  • Students receive automatic email and text reminders of appointments with you.
  • Create appointment campaigns to streamline appointment making for students and easily see who has and has not scheduled their appointments with you.
  • Quickly search for students within specific parameters.

SSC for Students:

  • Make appointments for Academic Advising.
  • See drop-in availability and make tutoring appointments for the classes you are currently taking.
  • View your advised courses to help guide you through the registration process.
  • See when your early registration day and time will be.