Kyle Irwin

Research Assistant Professor
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2009 Ph.D. in Sociology, University of South Carolina
2003 M.A. in Sociology, University of Missouri – St. Louis
1999 B.S. in Sociology, University of Tennessee – Chattanooga


Dr. Kyle Irwin’s research interests include social psychology, trust, norms, collective action, and environmental cooperation. His work has shown that, when facing the impact of environmental social dilemmas, trust is a predictor of cooperation for women but not for men; his experimental findings indicated that descriptive norms motivate individuals to punish generous group members, even though generosity benefits everyone; and his recent work reveals an interaction between trust and theological conservatism on environmental cooperation. The attached CV includes a list of other published papers and contains recent work in preparation for submission.

Recent Publications

Kyle Irwin and Brandon Martinez. Forthcoming. “The Effects of Protestant Theological Conservatism and Trust on Environmental Cooperation.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.

Christine Horne, Pazit Ben-Nun Bloom, Kyle Irwin, and Michael Hechter. 2016. “The Legitimacy of Alien Rulers.” Swiss Political Science Review 22:454-469.

Christine Horne and Kyle Irwin. 2016. “Metanorms and Antisocial Punishment.” Social Influence 11:7-21.

Kyle Irwin, Kimberly Edwards, and Jeffrey A. Tamburello. 2015. “Gender, Trust and Cooperation in Environmental Social Dilemmas.” Social Science Research 50:328-342.

Kyle Irwin, Jo-Ann Tsang, Robert D. Carlisle, and Megan Johnson Shen. 2014. “Group Level Effects of Forgiveness: Group Cohesiveness and Collective Action in Social Dilemmas.” European Journal of Social Psychology 44:280-286.

Jeffrey A. Tamburello, Kyle Irwin, and Martha Gault Sherman. 2014. “Religious Coping: The Role of Religion in Attenuating the Effects of Sex Victimization on Trust.” Review of Religious Research 56:581-591.

Kyle Irwin, Laetitia Mulder, and Brent Simpson. 2014. “The Detrimental Effects of Sanctions on Intra-Group Trust: A Comparison between Punishments and Rewards.” Social Psychology Quarterly 77:253-272.

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