Hannah Evans

Hannah Evans
Sociology of Religion
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Ph.D. Sociology, Baylor University, expected May 2022
M.A. Sociology, Baylor University, 2019
B.S. Professional Writing (Minors in Sociology and International Relations), Taylor University, 2017


Hannah’s dissertation research examines the religious lives of white young adults. While white young adults’ religious commitments are declining, Black young adults are holding steady in levels of religiosity and Latinx young adults are declining in religiosity more slowly. Using the National Study of Youth and Religion, Hannah argues that scholarship on secularization in the United States needs a theoretical reframing that decenters whiteness and interrogates why white people are so much less religious than other racial groups.

Her broader research agenda focuses on how white Christians practice anti-racist activism in church and parachurch spaces, as well as the ways whiteness maintains power within multiracial Christian congregations. After her dissertation is completed, Hannah plans to expand on her quantitative research with in-depth interviews on how white young adults interpreting the importance of racial justice in their spiritual lives, with a particular interest in Christian college campuses. As Christian universities are increasingly viewed as strongholds of white supremacy that pump middle and upper-class white religious conservatives into American society, anti-racist activism will play an increasingly important role in shifting racial ideas and values among white Christians in the United States.

Recent Publications

R. Khari Brown, Angela Kaiser, and Hannah Evans. Forthcoming. “Race, Religious Identities, and Environmental Activism.” Journal of Prevention & Intervention in the Community.

Jeremy E. Uecker, Rebecca Bonhag, J.J. Burtt, Hannah R. Evans, and Amanda D. Hernandez (equal second authorship). 2021. “Religion and Attitudes toward Childlessness in the United States.” Journal of Family Issues. https://doi.org/10.1177/0192513X21994148

R. Khari Brown, Hannah Evans and Ronald E. Brown. 2020. "Race, Religion, and Boycotts", Journal of Religion and Society.  22:1-22 [https://dspace2.creighton.edu/xmlui/bitstream/handle/10504/126575/2020-18.pdf ].

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