James Davidson

Sociology of Religion
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Ph.D. Sociology, Baylor University, expected May 2020
M.A. Sociology, Baylor University, 2017
B.S. Sociology University of Oklahoma, 2015
A.A. Enterprise Development, Rose State University, 2013


A native of northern California, James worked in the private sector for a number of years before completing his Bachelors in Sociology at the University of Oklahoma. Now in his fourth year of graduate studies at Baylor, areas of research interest include politics, culture, religious movements, race, and class inequalities. His Master’s thesis focused on non-religious community formation and political activism. Recent work expands this inquiry to include the influence of internet technologies on political movements as well as an avenue of research that hones in on the role of community and factors such as race and class on perceived threats from religious groups.

There are a number of reasons why James chose Baylor University for his graduate studies. First, Baylor sociology graduates have a record of being highly successful in the field. They have excellent track records and are often placed at highly ranked and regarded institutions. Second, the training that is offered here is on par with and, in many cases, exceeds some of the top level institutions. Whether in areas like quantitive methodologies, data collection, or in-classroom teaching, Baylor sociology provides the opportunities and guidance that make graduates successful. Finally, the sociology department has a highly collegial atmosphere. The faculty tend to work side by side with the graduate students and provide opportunities to engage in academic pursuits. Professors often co-author papers with students and provide excellent levels of mentorship. This mentorship combined with quality training and high levels of support combine to create these strong graduate student outcomes.

Recent Publications:

Jerry Park and James C. Davidson. 2017. "Studying Religion in the Age of Trump." Religion and American Culture journal. 27:36-43

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