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Sociology literally means the study of society, or of social things. It is a scientific approach to understanding human groups and human interaction. From families to neighborhoods to nation-states, human life is spent in the company of others. The theories and methods of sociology provide a means to analyze the social nature of human existence. Training in sociology is useful preparation for careers in business, law, government, ministry, medicine, and many more.
Why Baylor Sociology
Dating back to 1919, Baylor’s sociology program offers a legacy of distinguished service, high caliber scholarship, exemplary teaching, and unique opportunities to its students. At Baylor, you will take classes taught by top scholars and have opportunities for independent research.
Undergraduate Programs
An attractive aspect of our program is its flexibility. You customize your sociological studies in keeping with your interests and ambitions.
Graduate Programs
The Department of Sociology at Baylor University has a productive faculty committed to the mentorship and collaborative research with students.
Research Areas
Research is an important aspect of graduate study at Baylor and, by the end of their second year, Sociology doctoral students will begin engaging in an in-depth research project. Our graduate students have been published in Social Forces, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion and Social Science Quarterly. Their work also has been selected by notable new outlets such as The Huffington Post, USA Today and The Washington Post. There has never been a better time to study sociology at Baylor.
Careers in
The knowledge and analytical skills of sociology make our graduates broadly marketable. More than half of our alumni build a career upon their undergraduate degree. About a third eventually pursues some type of graduate education, such as sociology, social work, seminary, business administration, law, or medical. Private laboratories, foundations, and research centers offer opportunities for those who study sociology and health.
In the News
Baylor Celebrates Champions of Change, Solid Gold Neighbor Community Honorees and SGN Research Fellows Jun. 2, 2022 WACO, Texas (June 2, 2022) – Baylor University celebrated its 2022 Champions of Change, Solid Gold Neighbor (SGN) Community honorees for their outstanding community engagement and SGN Research Fellows during a May 25 recognition ceremony, hosted by Baylor’s Office of External Affairs. Education Surges When Students Learn Together May 25, 2022 When a class becomes a community, students change from being passive to active learners, write Neil Garg and Kevin D. Dougherty, who offer suggestions for how to create such an environment. 2022 Summer Dissertation Fellows May 4, 2022 In an effort to support students working to complete their dissertation, the Graduate School offers a select number of Summer Dissertation Fellowships intended to enable students to work on their projects without seeking summer employment. Record-setting 13 Fulbright recipients top list of student scholar honors for 2022 — so far May 4, 2022 Three years ago, Baylor set a school record when seven Bears earned prestigious Fulbright scholarships -- part of the nation's flagship program for international graduate study and education. This year, Baylor students are blowing that record out of the water. An incredible 13 BU students have already been named Fulbright recipients for 2022 -- a number likely to place Baylor among the top producers of Fulbright scholars nationwide, and a total that might still be growing.
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