End of Election Is Time to Reunite

November 7, 2008
Letters to the Editor
The Lariat

With the conclusion of this year's presidential election, it is time for our nation to reunite. That is why I have been extremely disappointed and embarrassed to hear about the hostile reaction of Baylor students to the outcome of the election -- burning Obama memorabilia, shouting racial slurs at one another, and displaying the threatening symbol of a noose on campus.

This change of leadership is definitely a competition, but it should not be such a nasty one. Throughout the campaigns, I have been repeatedly upset by the harsh cruelty, not of the candidates, but of their supporters. While I laugh along with Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show in poking a little fun at our leaders, the vicious attacks I have seen comparing Barack Obama to Hitler or John McCain to Pontius Pilate are wholly uncalled for. These misguided attempts at patriotism are anything but patriotic.

I understand and respect passion, but it must be well-founded. Galations 4:18 tells us that "it is fine to be zealous, provided the purpose is good." Sowing dissension and bitterness is a decidedly unworthy purpose. Elections, and politics in general, should not be about blind adherence to any party or candidate but thoughtful consideration about the policies and leaders that will most benefit the nation as a whole. With the votes counted, the United States now has one president over one people.

In order to bring the change he speaks of as well as to enact positive Republican legislation, we must work together respectfully as brothers and sisters in our United States.

Elizabeth Queen
Social Work, 2011

Reprinted with permission
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