GSSW offers new MSW benefits for AmeriCorps Alumni

By Connor Watkins
December 14, 2017
AmeriCorps Matching Graphic

Starting in 2018, the Garland School of Social Work (GSSW) will provide benefits to incoming GSSW students in the Master of Social Work program who are AmeriCorps alumni. Currently, the GSSW is one of only three institutions in Texas to provide support to AmeriCorps alumni through the Segal Americorps Education Award Matching Program.

Dr. Crystal Diaz-Espinoza, director of Enrollment, Career, and Alumni Services, said she is “excited to offer dedicated financial support for students committed to influencing change in their community.”

“I am also excited about the national visibility this partnership brings to the [GSSW] and that we have the opportunity to partner with this prestigious program,” Dr. Diaz-Espinoza said.

“For decades, AmeriCorps has helped Americans pursue their dreams of higher education by making it more accessible and affordable,” said Chester Spellman, director of AmeriCorps. “It is evident through today’s announcement that Baylor’s Garland School of Social Work understands the value of service, and we thank them for helping AmeriCorps alumni strengthen and invest in their future careers.”

All eligible Americorps alumni who apply will have their application fees waived and have the option of deferring admission for up to one year if accepted.

In addition, up to four eligible AmeriCorps alumni admitted into the Master of Social Work program will receive at least a 50% tuition discount and one eligible alumnus will receive a 100% tuition discount, all for up to two years.

For more information on these benefits, visit the AmeriCorps website.

The GSSW wishes to thank AmeriCorps alumni for their service and welcome them into the GSSW family. The GSSW believes this partnership will help alumni continue to pursue their passion for seeing change in the world.

“Those who have served through AmeriCorps have a passion for service and a demonstrated commitment to making an impact. We are excited to broaden the skills of these individuals so they can continue serving while also exploring how faith is critical to being a well-rounded social worker,” Dr. Diaz-Espinoza said.

After completing their service, full-time AmeriCorps members earn a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award of nearly $6,000 that can be used to pay for college or technical school, or to pay back student loans. Since 1994, AmeriCorps alumni have earned more than $3.3 billion in education awards, using $1 billion to repay student debt. More information on becoming an AmeriCorps member can be found at

To learn how to apply to the Garland School of Social Work, visit the GSSW website.

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