MSW Graduation Eligibility

To qualify for a master’s degree, students must have a minimum overall grade point average of 3.0 and must complete the following requirements (found in the MSW Catalog):

  • Satisfactory completion of the required credit hours.
  • Successful completion of internship requirements. See Field Education Manual downloadable from the Field Education website.
  • Successful presentation and defense of the Capstone project. Students must receive a grade of "B" or better in the Capstone course in order to be eligible for graduation. Please refer to the MSW catalog for more information on our Grading System.
  • An approved portfolio for students who develop a specialization.
  • Personal and professional conduct congruent with the National Association of Social Workers’ Code of Ethics, the State Licensing Board Code of Conduct, and with the rules and regulations established by Baylor University as outlined in Baylor University Student Policies and Procedures, including the Baylor University Honor System, General Expectations of Baylor Students, and other policies documented therein.

I encourage you to verify that you’ve met all the requirements for graduating by running a degree audit. Note: MDiv and MTS Joint Degree students will need to run a "What if" audit because "Run Audit" will default to your Truett degree audit. Advanced Standing students need to choose "Advanced Standing" as your concentration.


Checklist for Prospective Graduates

  • File for graduation by submitting the Intent to Graduate Form.
  • Update your personal information on BearWeb.
  • Ensure that all incomplete coursework and assignments are turned in one week prior to the last day of class (or by the deadline that your professor requires).
  • Run a degree audit and confirm that all degree requirements are met.
  • Respond to all graduation-related emails.
  • Purchase Regalia
    • If you missed the one-stop shopping opportunity at Bear Faire, you can purchase your regalia at the bookstore. MDiv and MTS Joint Degree students can purchase Truett hood and wear master’s robe for Truett graduation.
    • Although technically, the bachelor’s robes are not correct for the master’s degrees because of the cut of the sleeves, you will not be barred from participating in Convocation and Commencement just because you have the wrong robe on.
    • Diana R. Garland School of Social Work will provide the 1st stole at no cost. If for some reason you need a replacement, please contact Krista Barrett.


The Diana R. Garland School of Social Work Convocation is usually scheduled for the Friday afternoon before commencement at Waco Hall with reception to follow. You will be receiving more details later, but we thought you might like to know so you can pass the info on to the special people in your life so they can make arrangements to attend this special ceremony.



  • The Diana R. Garland School of Social Work usually participates in the 9:30 a.m. Commencement Ceremony scheduled for Saturday. Check Baylor's Commencement webpage for more information.
  • Walking - It is assumed that you will walk in the commencement ceremony. If you are unable to attend then you must let the Registrar's office know by filling out the Non-participation Form on the Commencement website.
  • Diploma - You will receive your actual diploma during the commencement ceremony as long as you filed at least 8 weeks prior to graduation. If you have filled out the Non-participation form then your diploma will be mailed to you after the ceremony. This may take up to two weeks.
  • Transcript - An official transcript will be available after five business days from Academic Records.

Texas Licensure Exam

The Texas State Board notes: Exam approval will be given without a transcript if accompanied with a Dean’s letter from your college or university during your final semester. After you have filed your intent to graduate, the MSW Program Manager will email this letter to you. If you need more information or have further licensing questions, please visit the Licensure Information page on our website or contact Career Services at 254-710-6411 or email them at

If you have any questions, or cannot locate the information you are looking for, please feel free to contact the MSW Program Manager.