General Information

Six (6) hours of elective courses are required for the standard foundation degree program, and three (3) hours for the Advanced Standing program. Courses approved by the MSW Program Director may be taken to fulfill the elective requirement.

You may view social work elective course descriptions in the MSW Catalog.

Other Approved Electives

List of MSW Approved Electives
EDP Psychological Practice Courses

Courses may be added to the list of approved electives by completing a MSW petition--Approve Elective form and submitting it to the MSW Program Director for approval.

MDV and MTS joint degree students may petition to transfer courses from their Truett professional transcript to their MSW graduate transcript by completing the MSW petition to transfer Truett course to grad transcript form.

To transfer courses from another university, please complete the MSW petition to transfer credit from another University form and submit to the MSW Program Director for approval.