Consulting with Congregations

The partners at C3I have had a variety of experiences in church and community ministry, including fundraising, program development, volunteer training, evaluating impact, asset mapping, and leading Bible studies. All of our consulting services begin with learning about the culture and calling of your congregation. From there, C3I partners provide support in a variety of ways. We find that congregational community engagement involves knowledge, skills, and values that fall into the Head, Heart, and Hands of congregational community engagement. 

C3I partners have consulted with hundreds of congregations on a variety of subjects. Examples include:

  • First Baptist Church, Lorena, TX, 2017
  • First Baptist Church, Covington, TX, 2017
  • First Baptist Church, Valley Mills, TX, 2016
  • Preston Trail Community Church, Frisco, TX, 2012 – 2013
  • Willows Meadows Baptist Church, Houston, TX, 2012
  • Westminster Presbyterian Church, Corsicana, TX, 2012
  • First Baptist Church, El Paso, TX, 2011
  • Crestview Church of Christ, Waco, TX, 2010
  • 7th & James Baptist Church, Waco, TX, 2009 
  • Antioch Community Church, Waco, TX, 2007  
  • Life in Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX, 2005
  • Holy Spirit Episcopal Church, Waco, TX, 2001 – 2003
  • First Baptist Church Woodway, Woodway, TX, 2003
  • Central Presbyterian Church, Waco, TX, 2002
  • Columbus Avenue Baptist Church, Waco, TX, 2001 
  • First Baptist Church Whitney, Whitney, TX, 2000

Our fees for service vary, depending on the level of involvement of our team and the complexity of the effort. For more information, please contact us by clicking here