MSW Student Stories

Houston Campus

Houston graduate makes commitment to serve

Member of first Houston cohort dreams of giving back to at-risk youth back home

Talk to William Flakes just one time, and you will instantly know he has a genuinely sweet spirit and a compassionate heart as he talks about his upbringing, about social work and about the at-risk youth in his old neighborhood where he longs to serve.

Meet Jordan Katz, an advocate in the mental health field

Jordan Katz thought she had her life all planned out when she graduated from her New Jersey high school in 2004. She moved to New York City, earned her BA in Public Relations from Hofstra University, and began what she believed would be an exciting new career as a PR executive. However, God had other plans for Jordan. After six years in the industry, she came to realize PR was not her calling. She wanted to make a difference in the lives of others and to do more than just be a link in the corporate chain. That’s when she found social work.

Meet Matthew Meares

For most, graduate school comes immediately upon completion of an undergraduate degree. Matthew Meares strays from that norm and found his passion in something that was right in front of him all along.

Meet Joyelle Gaines

Joyelle is currently pursuing her Master of Social Work degree through the Garland School of Social Work, at our Houston campus. We sat down with Joyelle to ask her about her decision to pursue a career in social work, her experience in the program thus far, and her hopes and goals for the future. Read this inspiring story about a young woman who has big plans to serve others.