What are our GML graduates doing now?

Global Mission Leadership (GML) Graduates are currently serving in social work professions all over the world. Here are some of the things they are doing.

Thankful: Vital, Rwanda

GML Alumni Update: Rose, Program Manager of Buckner Kenya



Sambo Klauth, MSW 2012

Prior to returning to Cambodia, Sambo was working as a Program Manager for Communities in Schools located in Clifton, TX. He is currently registering a new non-profit to serve his home country of Cambodia.







Sovannara Moch, MSW 2012

Currently, Sovannara is advising clinical staff at World Hope International. She is training and coaching Cambodian counselors and social workers on topics such as social work ethics. Sovannara is also training Cambodian professionals who work directly with survivors of trafficking and exploitation throughout Cambodia.





Brooke Abuya Olonde, MSW 2014

Upon graduation, Brooke Abuya went to work for the Ministry of Child Welfare within the Kenyan Government. He praised Kenya’s efforts in successful child adoption and resettlement efforts of displaced and orphaned children. However, he recently began working with Buckner International, working within their kinship and foster care placement department. Brooke helps facilitate Kenyan families in their efforts to keep Kenyan children and siblings together. Click here to watch Brooke's MSW Research presentation, "Making an Ethical Case for Domestic Adoption in Kenya".








Joshua Tan, MSW 2012

Joshua is serving on pastoral team at First Baptist Church, Subang Jaya. He is overseeing church social work ministry, including a home for HIV patients, two substance abuse rehabs, community development in an impoverished area of the city, an orphanage, and a soup kitchen. His work includes a collaborative partnership in community restoration between FBC Subang Jaya and Ormoc Lighthouse Christian Ministry at Albuera, West Leyte, Philippines.



Soo Han Yeoh, MSW 2012

Soo Han is a member of a working committee assisting with the creation of the Malaysian Diploma in Social Work course. She is on the management committee that oversees the operations and development of Early Steps Care Centre, a center running a day program for children with developmental disabilities. Soo Han has started and facilitated LIGHT, a pilot program for women and leads a special needs ministry that includes children with developmental disabilities and their families in her church.



Nu Sung, MSW 2012

Nu is employed as a child protection officer and developer for UNICEF in building capacity and systems in implementing case management for Department of Social welfare in Myanmar. She is developing and teaching a social studies program at Tedim Christian College and assisting the launch of a social work certificate. She is also a Coordinator of the Holistic Development Program in the most undeveloped region in Chin State, Myanmar. As of 2015, Chin State is the poorest state in the nation. 73% of the Chin population is officially classified as 'poor' and 58% of the children are measured as being seriously or moderately stunted. In addition to her employment, Nu is developing and establishing a congregational social work position within her local church.




Mary Rose Oximas, MSW 2013

Mary Rose teaches a social work course at University of the City of Manila. She has participated in a national assessment team in response to tropical cyclone Haiyan.







Julian Alum, MSW 2013

Julian Alum is currently working in Uganda on USAID’s Institute of Reproductive Health project. This project aims to create sustainable work and empower gender equity within communities all across the country. Julian facilitates measurements, analysis, and reports of work being done, as well we as capacity building within communities to develop networking. Julian noted the importance of gaining community support in order to achieve true success and progress. Click here to read Julian's story.