Jocelyn Shealy McGee

PhD, Clinical Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasedena, California
MSG, Baylor University
BA in Psychology, Baylor University
Full Curriculum Vitae
Professional Credentials
Licensed Psychologist
National Certification as a Health Service Provider in Psychology
Selected Publications
  • McGee, J. S., Carlson, H., Myers, D., & Seela, H. (2017). Spiritual diversity and early-stage dementia, Clinical Gerontologist.
  • McGee, J. S., Carlson, H., Myers, D., & Kim (2017). Positive psychological assessment and early-stage dementia, Clinical Gerontologist, 40, 4 307-319.
  • McGee, J.S., Pargament, K.I., & Silverbook, A. (2016). Spirituality, the sacred domain: Core concepts and applications for working with older adults. In D. Keopke (Ed). The Essential Spirit. Pickwick, Eugene, OR.
  • McGee, J. S. & Meyers, D. (2014). Sacred relationships, strengthened by community, can help people with mild or early-stage Alzheimer's disease, Generations (Journal of the American Society of Aging), 38, 61-67.
  • Pargament, K. I., Lomax, J. W., McGee, J. M, & Fang, Q. (2014). Sacred moments in psychotherapy from the perspective of mental health providers and clients: Prevalence, predictors, and consequences. Spirituality in Clinical Practice (Journal of the American Psychological Association), 1, 4, 248-262.
  • Pargament, K.I., Lomax, J.W., McGee, J.M, & Fang, Q. (2014). With one foot in the water and one on the shore. Spirituality in Clinical Practice (Journal of the American Psychological Association), 1, 4, 266-268.
  • Karlin, B.E., Visnic, S., McGee, J.S, & Teri, L. (2013). Results from the multisite implementation of STAR-VA: A multi-component psychosocial intervention for managing challenging dementia-related behavior in veterans. Psychological Services (Journal of the American Psychological Association). Doi: 10.1037/a0033683
  • McGee, J.S., Myers, D., Carlson, H., Barclay, P., & Funai, A. (2013) Spirituality, faith, and early stage Alzheimer's disease.  Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, 24, 221-257.
  • McGee, J.S. & Bratkovich, K.L. (2011). Assessment and cognitive-behaviorally oriented interventions for older adults with dementia. In K.H. Sorocco and S. Lauderdale (Eds.), Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Older Adults: Innovations Across Settings. Springer Publishing Company: New York: NY.
  • Thompson, L.W., McGee, J.S., & Gallagher-Thompson, D. (2005). Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. In Benjamin J. Sadock and Virginia A. Sadock (Eds.), Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry (8th Edition). Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins: Baltimore, MD.
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Research Interests
  • Contemplative Science
  • Culture and Diversity
  • Positive Aging
  • Human Flourishing
  • Spiritual Diversity