Research Clusters

Topics of the School's recent publications have been organized into the following eight research clusters.


Community and Organization Practice

Organizational RC Many social workers are in practice contexts in congregations, medical services in denominational agencies, child welfare services, community service and development organizations, and national and international missions. Research includes knowledge, values, and skills needed for working with voluntary associations and mission-driven institutions.

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Faith and Practice

Religion RC Faith and Practice research ethically integrates knowledge about faith, spirituality, and religion as a part of preparation for professional social work practice. Our goal is to build on the strengths of persons, families, and communities in order to develop and enhance healthy relationships of persons with their families, groups, communities, the larger world, and God.

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Gerontology RC The GSSW vigorously works to equip alumni for worldwide leadership in holistic practice and research in gerontology and to produce state of the science resources and practical models for the well-being of older persons, their families, residential care environments, congregations, and communities. Gerontology at Baylor focuses on issues of the elderly and their families, drawing together several educational, research and application-based projects focused on improving quality of life for older persons.

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Human Rights and Global Practice

Human Rights RC Human rights and global social work centers on the integration of culturally competent and ethically sound practice. GSSW strives to engage in human rights research and practice throughout the micro, mezzo and marco level of social work. It is our goal to engage in faith integrated research that enhances and empowers the rights of all people through a globalized paradigm.

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Mental Health

Mental Health RC Individuals from any socio-economic background, ethnicity, race, age, or other subsets, can be impacted by this disease. In addition to serving those with mental illness through advocacy, research and trainings, the GSSW will provide education/training for social work students, religiously affiliated organizations, congregations, community programs and non-profit organizations. Click here to listen to one of our faculty members present at the Pathways to Hope conference.

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MultiCultural RC The GSSW's multicultural research cluster endeavors to contribute to Christ-centered international development through culturally informed transformational education, informed engagement with congregations and religiously affiliated organizations, and compelling scholarship that allows communities around the world to thrive.

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Social Work Education

SW Ed RC Research in the Social Work Education cluster, based on a Christian worldview, studies how to best prepare social workers for generalist practice and advanced levels of practice in areas such as counseling, advanced case management, administration, research, community development and social ministries. Our focus is on Christian scholarship.

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Trauma Response

Trauma RC

Trauma response research objectives include providing leadership in the preparation of practitioners to work with trauma, crisis, and mental health both domestically and globally, as well as exploring EMDRIA for practice preparation and research in the effectiveness of EMDR. Student specializations are focused on trauma, attachment, and disaster/crisis response.

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