GML Scholarship Program

God called. Mission driven.

3 students Change in your nation can happen through you! The vision of Global Mission Leadership (GML) is to bring global Christian leaders to Baylor to receive a master's in social work education with a commitment to relocate or return to a nation of the world as a catalyst for holistic community transformation. In line with the vision of this initiative, we believe God is calling leaders to facilitative impact in nations of the world by making a way for others. We desire to educate leaders, like Joseph in the Old Testament, who carry core competencies of servant leadership, character, strategic thinking and a heart for advocacy. The GML scholarship program has grown since its beginning in 2009, and it continues to grow and be shaped by the wisdom and experience of each GML student. We have 14 graduates from Southeast Asia and Africa and are receiving applications from all over the world.

Watch the Global Mission Leadership video.

Global Mission Students are...
• Transformed by the love of Christ
• Passionate to serve people in their nation
• Invested in a specific area of social injustice
• Committed to making a significant social impact in an international community

Are you someone who...
• Longs to see holistic transformation in communities and wonders how to do so? Apply for the GML Scholarship Program.
• Knows a servant-hearted leader in your community who exemplifies the vision of GML? Refer a prospective GML student.
• Aspires to impact the world by investing in a global student? Invest in the GML Initiative.

Thank you for your commitment to serve others in order to see positive change in the world! I look forward to hearing from you.

Jennifer S. Dickey
Director, Global Mission Leadership