Diversity Initiative

We seek to advance the inclusion of social work's ethical responsibility to their clients by increasing awareness around cultural competency and social diversity.

Seeing-Eyed Companion

We provide opportunities for faculty and students to research and address social work practice pedagogy around these issues that are prevalent among the individuals, families, and communities we serve. Students may also participate through this initiative by choosing a diversity specialization during their advanced year of the MSW and by voicing what they see as needs and concerns for student and/or faculty learning regarding issues of diversity.

The current faculty and staff members leading the Diversity Initiative include:

  • Carrie Arroyo
  • Crystal Diaz-Espinoza
  • Kerri Fisher
  • Luci Ramos Hoppe
  • Whitney Luce
  • Becky Scott
  • Melody Zuniga

GSSW Antiracism Statement