Gerontology Minor

Are you interested in the physical, mental, and social changes in older adults? Would you like to research the changes within society that results from our aging population? Consider a minor in Gerontology.
  • Gerontology is a minor available to all students, from all academic disciplines
  • This minor requires a minimum of 18 hours
  • At least 12 hours must be taken at Baylor
  • At least 9 of the 12 hours must be a "3,000" or "4,000" level course
  • No more than 3 hours from the student's major can be applied to the minor
  • Minimum grade point average of 2.0 (c) on all courses applied toward the minor
  • Required courses include: GRT 3305, GRT 4393, GRT 4395, and PSY 3341 or SWO 3351

  • GRT 3305
    Introduction to Gerontology

    This course is an examination of aging in relation to sociology, psychology, biology, law, political science, literature, religion, recreation, and health. Special emphasis is placed on seeking ways to improve the quality of life for persons over 35.

    GRT 4393
    Sociology of Aging

    This course is an examination of the impact of aging upon individuals and society, as well as the reactions of individuals and society to aging. Social gerontology is the principle focus of attention for this course.

    GRT 4395
    Aging and Mental Health

    This course reviews mental health needs and related problems of aging individuals with considerable discussion of approved mental health treatments for such persons.

    PSY 3341
    A survey of Human Development

    SWO 3351
    Human Behavior and the Social Environment

    The remaining 6 hours can be chosen from the following courses:

    • ECO 4350
    • FSC 2351
    • PSC 3310
    • REL 4394 or 4395
    • SOC 4310
    • HED 4327
    • PSY 4355 or SOC 4V70
    • SWO 4V70