Academic Components

Julian conducting a health sensitization for kids at a CI project

Encouraged by initial funding from the Henry Luce Foundation, the Diana R. Garland School of Social Work is educating Christian global leaders to be catalytic agents of change in countries around the world. These leaders are committed to implement holistic change in communities in countries where they intend to serve.

The MSW with an International Social Work Concentration degree involves the standard two year MSW program and includes an advanced internship in the country where the student intends to serve.

Through the International Social Work Concentration, students will research systemic issues regarding a social injustice occurring in the nation to which they plan to relocate or return, research global best practices regarding community change, and create an evidence-informed plan of intervention. GML students will:

  • Identify and analyze a global social issue, three primary causes, and models of global best practice in a country of concern
  • Formulate a plan of intervention for the specified social issue in a country of concern by utilizing accumulated research, governmental, non-governmental and congregational resources.

With this knowledge, students will form and implement a GML concentration plan through the remaining semesters of study. The concentration plan will be developed in collaboration with the faculty mentor who will assist each student in determining how the concentration will be integrated into MSW course work.