Trauma Response Initiative

trauma response initiative SW sunset

The objectives of the trauma initiative include:

    • Provide leadership in the preparation of practitioners to work with trauma, crisis, and mental health both domestically and globally
    • Provide leadership in EMDRIA for practice preparation and research in the effectiveness of EMDR
    • Provide leadership in other cutting edge practices in the area of trauma response.

Students can participate in the following ways:

    • Disaster/Crisis Elective with Dr. Jim Ellor
    • EMDR Elective with Dr. David Pooler
    • Trauma, Loss and Mourning Elective with Dr. Helen Harris
    • Specializations focused on trauma, attachment, disaster/crisis response, etc.
    • EMDR training with Rick Levinson
    • Research into effectiveness of EMDR
    • EMDR in international work (GML)