BSW Special Course Offerings/Electives

Subject to Availability

SWO 3305 / GRT 3305 / SOC 3305 Introduction to Gerontology - An examination of aging in relation to sociology, psychology, biology, law, political science, literature, religion, recreation, and health. Special emphasis is placed on seeking ways to improve the quality of life for persons over 35.

SWO 4315 Foundations for Social Justice - Examines theories and practices of social justice as related to oppressed groups in a multicultural society utilitizing religious and nonreligious perspectives. Addresses issues of power, inequality and privilege and the diverse experiences of oppressed groups in framing strategies to promote social justice.

SWO 4316 Loss and Mourning - Specialized knowledge and skills for loss and grief and therapeutic interventions for the bereaved, including bereaved children. Preparation for work with loss of relationship and health across the lifespan. Emphasis on religious faith and grief, and the response of faith communities and religiously affiliated providers to suicide, divorce, loss of parental rights and other disenfranchised grief.

SWO 4393 / GRT 4393 / SOC 4393 Sociology of Aging - Prerequisite(s): SOC 1305 and 3305 or consent of instructor. Impact of aging upon individuals and society, as well as the reactions of individuals and society to aging. Social gerontology is the principal focus of attention of the course.

SWO 4395 / GRT 4395 / SOC 4395 Aging and Mental Health - Prerequisite(s): SOC 4393 or PSY 4355 or consent of instructor. Mental health needs and related problems of aging individuals with considerable discussion of approved mental health treatments for such persons.

SWO 4V70 Independent Study in Social Work - Prerequisite(s): Consent of instructor. Course for students who wish to study an area of social work not covered by a formal course. May be repeated for up to a total of six hours credit when the subject matter varies.

SWO 4V80 Special Topics in Social Work - Prerequisite(s): Upper-level standing or graduate student. Provides instruction in areas of social work knowledge, values and/or skills that are not available in the standard social work or graduate curricula. Course may be repeated up to six times with different topic of study, not to exceed a maximum of six hours.