Becky Bell Scott

PhD, Baylor University
MSW, University of Washington
BS, Abilene Christian University
Full Curriculum Vita
Professional Credentials
Research Interests
  • Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care
  • Access to Services for Children
  • Family and Child Development
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Equity
Current Courses & Activities
  • Advanced theories for working with children and families
  • Generalist theory and practice with communities and organizations
  • Art, Children and Disabilities
  • Director of the Integrated Behavioral Health Certificate program
  • Member of the Diversity Initiative in the School of Social Work

Becky Bell Scott, PhD, practiced as a clinical social worker in several contexts including public schools, community mental health and CPS contracted therapy, all focusing on the mental and behavioral health of children and adolescents. She started in the role of full-time lecturer at Baylor School of Social Work in 2009. Prior to this, she filled several adjunct or field instruction appointments including at the University of Georgia and Boston University.

Dr. Scott currently focuses her research, consultation and practice on social work in primary care health - integrated behavioral health - participating in the development of the integrated behavioral health program in the local community health care clinic. She co-created an integrated behavioral health certification program for clinical social workers in effort to This heavily informs her teaching, allowing her to have her practice inform her teaching and her teaching to inform her practice. She especially enjoys participating in macro solutions to micro-needs of children and ethnic minorities.