Congregational Social Work Initiative

congregational SW Initiative

Virtually every congregation has four purposes for what they do:

    • worship,
    • community,
    • education, and
    • missions.

Congregational activities ideally serve these multiple functions, sometimes all at the same time; the spiritual and outreach activities are intertwined. Congregational social workers provide leadership in more than one, and sometimes all, of these functions. In fact, the broader their work is in addressing all four functions of congregational life, the more central they are to the life of the congregation.

Our desire is to train students to conduct congregational research, develop full-time congregational staff positions and strengthen community transformation initiatives in their communities. We raise awareness of the resource that social workers can be for strengthening congregations and their ministries.

Congregational SWI For more information about this initiative, contact:
Dr. Gaynor Yancey
(254) 710-6424

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