Global Mission Leadership Initiative


The Global Mission Leadership (GML) Initiative of the Diana R. Garland School of Social Work contributes to Christ-centered international development by cultivating reciprocal cross-cultural learning, encouraging responsible engagement with faith-based communities and engaging in collaborative scholarship that allows communities around the world to thrive. 

GML Scholarship Program 

Through the Global Mission Leadership Student Scholarship Program, global Christian leaders earn a master’s degree in social work (MSW) that prepares them to return to their home countries for transformational service while providing global perspectives to GSSW students and faculty. 

International Social Work Concentration

The International Social Work concentration is for MSW students interested in developing a specific knowledge base in international social work practice. It provides students the opportunity to focus their MSW coursework on a specific global social issue and specialize in international social work practice. Through this concentration, students will demonstrate an understanding of the application of social work concepts in an international context, best practices internationally, and interventions that are specifically recommended for the global social issue the MSW student focuses on. 

Global Classroom 

The GML initiative includes several GSSW faculty who help develop elective curricula that prepare GSSW students for international social work practice, share their international research and expertise at international social work lunches for GSSW students, serve on the GML Scholarship Review Committee, support and mentor GML students, and participate in exchanges with GML alumni that include research collaboration, resource-sharing and other opportunities for continual mutual learning and innovative thinking.

The GML initiative offers several international social work electives that prepare students for international social work practice and focus on human rights, global citizenship, cultural humility, and cultural intelligence. 

Quarterly lunches are offered by the GML Initiative for all BSW and MSW students at the GSSW related to international social work practice. Past topics have included: hearing from a GSSW alum working for the Peace Corps in Morocco about international best practices and how to prepare for and apply for a job in international social work, both domestically and abroad. The GML Initiative also offers a newsletter for GSSW students interested in international social work that includes various resources and ways to get involved with international social work practice. 

The initiative hopes to encourage the development of study abroad electives in the future, allowing students to receive course credit for international educational opportunities, as well as an opportunity to engage other cultures and develop culturally competent social work practice. 

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For more information, please contact:
Jennifer S. Dickey
Director of GML