Global Mission Leadership Initiative

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PURPOSE The Global Mission Leadership (GML) initiative of the Diana R. Garland School of Social Work endeavors to contribute to Christ-centered international development through culturally informed transformational education, informed engagement with congregations and religiously affiliated organizations, and compelling scholarship that allows communities around the world to thrive.

GML Specialization
The GML specialization is for students interested in developing a specific knowledge base in international social work practice. It provides students the opportunity to create a strategic approach for addressing a specified social issue in a country of concern utilizing accumulated research, government, non-governmental and congregational resources.

Scholarship Program
The GML scholarship program brings international Christian leaders to Baylor to pursue an MSW to further their work and contribution in their home countries. These students enrich the learning environment for the whole school by providing cross cultural perspectives on social work practice.

Global Classroom
GML - Flags in the Living Room The GML initiative hopes to further develop curricula that impact the education of our social work students. Future electives may focus on human rights, social development, and global citizenship. The initiative hopes to encourage the development of study abroad electives, allowing students to receive course credit for international educational opportunities, as well as an opportunity to engage other cultures and develop culturally competent social work practice. Additionally, the development of faculty exchanges between our GML scholarship alumni who are now educators in universities and the SSW faculty might pose an opportunity for continual mutual learning, innovative thinking, and advancement.

For more information, please contact:
Jennifer S. Dickey
Director of GML