CSS Profile FAQ

When can I complete the CSS Profile? 

The CSS Profile opens annually on October 1. The priority deadline for Freshman Early Decision and Early Action applicants is November 1. The priority deadline for Freshman and Transfer Regular Admission applicants is February 1.


Where do I access the CSS Profile and what is Baylor’s code? 

You can access the CSS Profile at: http://cssprofile.collegeboard.org.

Baylor’s CSS Profile code is: 6032 


What is the CSS Profile? Why do I need to complete the CSS Profile? 

To be considered for any federal financial aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  To be considered for any Baylor need-based financial aid, you must complete a CSS Profile (incoming Freshman/Transfer only) and FAFSA.  The Profile form is administered by the College Scholarship Service (CSS), a division of the College Board. 

Baylor uses the College Board's CSS Profile to determine demonstrated financial need for the university's need-based grant and scholarship programs. Some of the questions on the CSS Profile are also included on the FAFSA, but the extra information provided on the CSS Profile helps us to more fully understand your family circumstances. Because Baylor's institutional resources are limited, we must take the best measure of a family's ability to pay into account when awarding university funds to students.   


Am I required to complete the CSS Profile in order to apply to Baylor? 

Yes, if you wish to be considered for institutional need-based aid and you've been admitted for fall 2019 or beyond.  Students should complete the CSS Profile application as a new incoming student but will not be required to file a new CSS Profile application each year. However, if you are an international student, you are required to complete the CSS Profile in order to complete your Baylor application. 


What types of questions does the CSS Profile ask? 

The CSS Profile asks a variety of questions about your family’s financial situation.  Examples of topics include: “Do you have children enrolled in tuition-charging schools?” or “What is your debt load?” or “What medical expenses do you have?” 

The CSS Profile also includes a text box at the end of the application that allows the user to provide a narrative to the information that was entered.   


What about parents who are divorced, separated, or never married? 

Baylor expects both parents to assist in financing a student's education.  If parents are separated, divorced, or never married, the parent that the student lived with the most (custodial parent) in the past 12 months should complete the CSS Profile.   The CSS Profile will ask for the non-custodial parent's contact information.  Upon completion of the CSS Profile, the non-custodial parent will receive an email from the College Board.

The email will explain the requirement for the non-custodial parent to complete the non-custodial Profile application and will provide a link to the non-custodial CSS Profile website, with login instructions.  Please note: Each parent will use their own login credentials so neither will be able to view the other’s reported information. 

In cases where the non-custodial Profile cannot be completed by the non-custodial parent, please contact the Student Financial Aid office for further guidance and information about requesting a waiver. 

View More information for Divorced or Separated Parents


Can I request a waiver for the Non-custodial CSS Profile? 

Yes, students may request a waiver by emailing scholarships@baylor.edu.  The email must provide a brief statement explaining the need for a waiver.  Baylor's Financial Aid Office will review your circumstances and provide you with guidance about the next step. 


How long does the CSS Profile take to complete? 

It usually takes between 45 minutes to 2 hours to complete the CSS Profile.  To expedite the process, we recommend having all of the necessary documents on-hand when you start to complete the CSS Profile.  Recommended documents include: Federal tax returns, W-2’s, records of untaxed income, bank statements, mortgage information, and records of savings, stocks, bonds and trusts. 


How much does the CSS Profile cost to submit? 

Sending the CSS Profile to one school costs $25.  Additional reports are $16 each. 


Can I receive a fee waiver to complete the CSS Profile? 

Baylor provides no payment fee waivers for the CSS Profile application.  College Board automatically determines if you qualify for a waived application fee based on your responses within the CSS Profile.   


What other Texas schools use the CSS Profile? 

TCU, Rice, SMU, St. Edwards, and Trinity University utilize the CSS Profile. 


Does Baylor require the CSS Profile Business Farm Supplement? 

No, Baylor does not require the CSS Profile Business Farm Supplement. 


Can I complete the CSS Profile if I am an international student? 

Yes. Non-US Citizens may complete the CSS Profile.  Completing the CSS Profile is required for all international students who are applying for admission. 


If my family's circumstances change after I submit the CSS Profile, can I go back and update or edit the Profile? 

Once you submit the CSS Profile, you are not able to go back in and change information.  However, if your family's financial situation changes after you submit the Profile, you may contact Baylor's Student Financial Aid office and provide updated information via email.