CSS Profile

Incoming undergraduate students who are interested in institutional need-based aid will need to complete both the CSS Profile and the FAFSA to determine eligibility.  Baylor will continue to use FAFSA results to award federal and state financial aid, and reassess institutional need-based aid in subsequent years when applicable.  

Why?  The CSS Profile provides a more in-depth evaluation of a family’s financial situation.  While the FAFSA focuses mainly on income and family size, the CSS Profile uses other important data such as home value and cost of living expenses.  This allows schools to more equitably award their need-based aid.

Who?  Incoming students who are interested in institutional need-based aid are required to submit the CSS Profile for their first year at Baylor. Students should continue to complete the FAFSA annually to reassess and maintain eligibility.  

How?  Simply go to https://cssprofile.collegeboard.org/.  While the Profile costs $25, there are fee waivers available through the College Board for low-income, U.S.-based students who are applying to college for the first time.  

Still have questions?  Check out the FAQs and the helpful video below. You can also email us at financial_aid@baylor.edu.