Payment Plans

To make the process of paying for your Baylor education more manageable, a Payment Plan is available to all undergraduate, graduate (including online programs), law, and seminary students, with the exception of Online MBA students. Plan enrollment is required each term in which you participate in the Payment Plan.

To complete financial settlement by participating in the Payment Plan, enrollment (including payment of the required down payment) must be complete by the due date reflected on your eBill Statement.

Types of Payment Plans

Fall/Spring Semester 20% + setup fee 4 $60
Trimester 25% + setup fee 3 $50
Quarter (Law) 33.33% + setup fee 2 $40
Summer Semester 50% + setup fee 1 $24
Payment Plan Details

The Payment Plan divides the net financial obligation (after financial aid and loans are applied) into equal monthly payments based on the length of the term. The E-Bill System will display the required down payment at the time of enrollment.

After plan enrollment, installment amounts will recalculate if a student adds charges (such as a parking permit), makes schedule changes that impact tuition/fees, or if any additional aid or loan is applied to the student account. Monthly reminder emails will be sent before each due date.

If you sign up for automatic payments at the time of enrollment, payments to be automatically deducted from your bank account or credit card when due. Automatic payment amounts will adjust to reflect any changes in the plan balance, and you will be notified by email if any such changes occur.

If you owe a balance from a prior term of more than $500, you will not be allowed to enroll in a Payment Plan. Payments made prior to the time of enrollment will be applied first toward any prior balance, then toward the required down payment, and any remaining amount will reduce subsequent installments in order. An additional down payment may be indicated at the time of enrollment to reduce all subsequent payments equally.

How to Enroll in a Payment Plan

To participate in the Payment Plan, students or Authorized Users will log into the E-Bill System and select "Enroll in a Payment Plan." Once enrolled, a monthly reminder is sent by email to the student's Baylor email and to all Authorized Users letting them know the next installment is due and the amount.

Below you will find quick steps to Payment Plan enrollment. For more detailed instructions, please click here.

  1. Log into the E-Bill System
  2. Click Enroll in a Payment Plan
  3. Select the Term from the drop-down box
  4. View the Payment Plan that is displayed and click Select
  5. Review the Payment Schedule and select whether you would like to set up Automatic Payments (a response is required in order to proceed). Click Continue
  6. Make your Down Payment
  7. Review the Payment Plan Agreement; to finalize enrollment choose I Agree and Continue
  8. Enrollment in a Payment Plan is complete and Payment Receipt is displayed
Semester Due Dates
Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester
July 31* December 20* May 15*
August 31 January 31 June 30
September 30 February 28/29
October 31 March 31
November 30 April 30
Trimester Due Dates
Fall Trimester Spring Trimester Summer Trimester
July 31* December 20* April 30*
September 30 January 31 May 31
October 31 February 28/29 June 30
November 30 March 31 July 31
Law Quarter Due Dates
Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter Summer Quarter
August 10* October 26* January 25* May 3*
September 7 November 30 February 22 May 31
September 28 December 28 March 29 June 28

*Due date for financial settlement & plan enrollment


If you do not wish to be on a payment plan, payment in full must be received during financial settlement to avoid being administratively enrolled and charged the setup fee.