Special Circumstance Appeal

The FAFSA and CSS Profile help us evaluate your and your family’s ability to pay for your education; however, there are some specific situations that may result in an inaccurate assessment of this ability. 

To review these situations, we use the special circumstance appeal, which allows you and your family to document your individual financial situation.  Our committee will then determine if we are able to provide additional financial aid.

If you are facing one of the situations listed below, please consider submitting a special circumstance appeal.

Please Note: For our office to review a special circumstance appeal, you need to have received a finalized financial aid award notification.  If you were previously selected for verification, you need to complete that process before we can review your special circumstance appeal.  We recommend waiting until you have this award before submitting an appeal. 

Situations that may qualify for review

  • Private School Tuition

We realize that K-12 private school educational expenses can affect a family’s ability to pay for college.  Expenses that we will consider include tuition, required fees, uniforms, and books.

  • Medical and Dental Expenses

If your family has unusually high medical and/or dental expenses (roughly 10% or more of your AGI), we may be able to help.  We will only consider medical expenses paid, not just billed. Please note that for students who started fall 2019 or later, the CSS Profile already takes medical expenses paid (as reported) into consideration when determining the family’s expected contribution.

  • Change in Income
    • Unemployment or employment change that results in reduced income
    • One-time income used for non-discretionary purposes like funeral expenses or home repairs
    • Divorce, separation or death of a parent

Next Step:

Email scholarships@baylor.edu with a brief explanation of your special circumstance.  We will respond to your request by providing the appropriate form and let you know what documentation is required.