Baylor Parents Network Student Emergency Fund Scholarship

Please carefully read the following information and guidelines regarding the requirements to apply for and receive an award from the Baylor Parents Network Student Emergency Fund.

The Baylor Parents Network Student Emergency Fund (SEF) was established through the generosity of parent-donors to provide financial assistance to students who experience unexpected or emergency expenses, which could prevent them from completing their current semester of study at Baylor University. The SEF is designed to meet a short-term financial need.

Applicants for an SEF award must be currently enrolled at least half-time and be in good academic standing. If you are receiving financial aid up to your cost of attendance, you may not be eligible for additional assistance; however, the Student Financial Aid Office (SFAO) will give you the option to reduce another component of your financial aid package or increase your cost of attendance. Athletes are not eligible for an SEF award.

Emergency situations include, but are not limited to, help with unexpected car repairs, medical expenses not covered by insurance, and transportation costs. Typical expenses associated with attending college such as tuition, fees, books, rent and food do not normally qualify for an SEF award. If, however, you have used funds set aside for these attendance purposes to defray expenses caused by an unexpected situation, the SFAO will consider this situation for an SEF award. The maximum annual SEF award per student is $1,000.

If you believe you meet the requirements to apply for an SEF award, please complete the Baylor Parents Network Student Emergency Fund Scholarship Application and return it to the SFAO. Copies of receipts and/or verification of amount(s) claimed are required with the application.

For further information, email or call the SFAO at (254) 710-2611.