The Department of Education requires schools to compare, or verify, certain demographic and financial information reported on the FAFSA using supporting documentation.

Below are the deadlines to submit all documents needed to complete this verification. 

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 - April 17, 2023

Fall 2022 Only - November 14, 2022

Spring 2023 Only - April 17, 2023

Summer 2023 - June 19, 2023


Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 - April 17, 2024

Fall 2023 Only - November 13, 2023

Spring 2024 Only - April 17, 2024

Summer 2024 - June 19, 2024

We will send you a detailed notice stating exactly what is needed to complete verification. Please do not submit any documents to our office unless specifically directed to do so. We are not able to continue processing your file until we receive this information.

Please note: Incoming students who are selected for verification will receive estimated federal and state financial aid awards. You will receive a revised award notification if the estimated awards change as a result of the verification process. Awards will not apply toward your semester charges until the verification process is complete.

If you have been selected for verification and you do not want to receive federal and state aid, you are not required to complete the verification process. Please contact the Student Financial Aid office if you do not plan to complete the verification process.

Limited Access to Clifton Robinson Tower
Financial Aid, Student Accounts and One Stop (first floor) are open to walk-in visitors, however we encourage students to reach us via phone, contact us form or virtual office visit while a construction project occurs at the Clifton Robinson Tower. Parking is very limited. More information about how to contact us can be found here.