Electronic Refunds (Direct Deposit)

Baylor University will electronically deposit your student financial aid refund in the financial institution of your choice.

Why choose Electronic Refunds?

  • It's secure.
  • It's convenient.
  • It's faster than a check refund (the only other refund option).

How do I sign up for Electronic Refunds? (US bank account required)

  • Log into www.baylor.edu/ebill
  • Click on "Refunds" or "Electronic Refunds" and follow the prompts.  
  • Enter your checking or savings account number for Direct Deposit. 

If you should change bank accounts, you are responsible for updating the information at www.baylor.edu/ebill.

Also, Direct Deposit Enrollment for Payroll (work-study, graduate assistant, faculty/staff) checks is a separate process. You must enroll through both Payroll, if you are employed by Baylor, and Student Accounts if you would like any eligible refunds processed by direct deposit. 

Monitor your student account for confirmation of your deposit. Credit balances will not be refunded until the first official release date of the term.

For more information, call the Student Accounts office at 254-710-2311 or contact the Student Accounts office online.

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