Cancellation/Withdrawal Refunds & Policies


A cancellation occurs when a student decides not to attend classes for a semester prior to the first day of classes for that semester. A student's schedule cannot be cancelled on or after the first class day. Cancellations and related refund requests must be in writing, addressed to Student Accounts or by the contact us form and made prior to the first day of classes for the semester. For cancellations, all tuition, fees, and meal plans will be refunded at 100%. If a student has a housing assignment on campus, Campus Living and Learning will determine the refund and any related fees. Students must contact Campus Living & Learning to inform that office they will not be attending. Financial aid for the term is cancelled and returned to the programs.


Beginning the first class day of a semester, students are no longer permitted to drop all of their entire schedule in Bearweb; therefore, they must submit an online University Withdrawal form. The official withdrawal date is established by the date the online withdrawal form is submitted. 

 A nursing student on the Dallas campus wishing to withdraw from the University during the semester will need to contact the Associate Dean’s Office of the nursing school.

If a student simply stops attending classes without going through the official withdrawal process, then tuition, fees, meal plans and other applicable charges will not be adjusted on the student's account. Financial aid credits, however, may be reversed as required by federal regulations. Any other procedure will lead to failure in all courses for which the student is registered. Under no circumstance does notification to professors or dropping classes constitute an official University Withdrawal.

For questions about the University Withdrawal process, please contact the Center for Academic Success and Engagement (CASE) 254-710-8696, or

*Please be aware that withdrawing from Summer of Discovery classes may impact your charges in unexpected ways. Due to the discounted rates for Summer, your bill may increase if you drop hours since lower hours have a higher cost per hour.

Refunds of tuition and required fees, Chapel Fee, Course or Lab Fee, Administrative Fee, and Applied Music Fee, are based on the official withdrawal date and are pro-rated on a per diem scale based on the total calendar days in that payment period up to the date that represents 60 percent of the payment period. A payment period is defined as the total number of calendar days in the semester or term (published first day of class through the published last day of finals) excluding the nine calendar day spring break. There are no refunds after the 60 percent point of the payment period. Unless specifically noted, other fees are considered non-refundable. For a calendar schedule of refund percentages, please refer to the following withdrawal schedule pages:

Students residing in campus housing, must contact Campus Living & Learning to obtain information about any applicable housing adjustments and penalties. Students must follow the proper check-out procedure outlined in the Guide to Community Living and must vacate their campus housing within 48 hours of the official university withdrawal date.

Meal plan refunds are calculated pro rata based on the official withdrawal date. An administrative charge equal to one week of the meal charge for the student's respective meal plan will be assessed. Unused Dining Dollars are refunded.

Students receiving scholarships or other financial aid should contact a financial aid counselor to discuss the financial implications of a University Withdrawal. Financial aid recipients are not eligible for a refund until all of the financial aid programs are reimbursed in accordance with federal, state, and University guidelines. To obtain information about the return of financial aid funds, contact the Student Financial Aid Office.

Refunds are applied to any outstanding balance owed to the University. Any remaining credit will either be sent by Electronic Refund if a bank account is designated in the E-Bill System, or mailed to the student at his/her home address listed in BearWeb.

Limited Access to Clifton Robinson Tower
Financial Aid, Student Accounts and One Stop (first floor) are open to walk-in visitors, however we encourage students to reach us via phone, contact us form or virtual office visit while a construction project occurs at the Clifton Robinson Tower. Parking is very limited. More information about how to contact us can be found here.