Add/Drop Refunds & Policies

Important Notice: The use of vendor software or other automated programs to perform registration or add/drop processes is prohibited by Baylor University. Any student identified as using automated systems to perform registration or add/drops may be barred from the registration system.

Summer of Discovery Adding/Dropping Classes

Courses taken at Baylor in the Summer are discounted from regular tuition. As a part of the Summer of Discovery program, students receive greater discounts as the number of classes taken increases. This creates a tiered charging system such as the following:

Incoming Students & Rising High School Seniors

Number of Hours   Flat-Rate Tuition Cost
1-6 Hours   $3,500
7+ Hours   $5,000

Continuing Students

Number of Hours   Total Tuition Cost
6 Hours @ $1,392/hour   $8,352
7 Hours @ $1,000/hour   $7,000
8 Hours @ $1,000/hour   $8,000
9 Hours @ $1,000/hour   $9,000
10 Hours @ $750/hour   $7,500
11 Hours @ $750/hour   $8,250
12 Hours @ $750/hour   $9,000

Your bill may increase if you drop hours since lower hours have a higher cost per hour. For example, a student enrolls in 10 hours and is charged $7,500 in tuition.  The student decides to drop 1 hour and is now in 9 hours.  The student will then be charged $9,000 (an increase of $1,500) because the hourly rate has changed from $750/hour to $1,000 per hour.

Dropping Classes

Dropping a class or classes is not considered a withdrawal. The term "withdrawal" refers to dropping all classes through the Paul L. Foster Success Center and leaving the University for that term. Beginning the first class day of each term, students will not be able to go online and drop all of their classes.

Remember: Flat tuition rate students are not penalized for adds and drops as long as they remain at 12 or more hours. Dropping a class results in the following refund of tuition and fee charges.

Refunds will be computed as follows:

Class Days Fall/Spring   Refund
1-5   100%
6-10   75%
11-15   50%
16-20   25%
21 or later   0
Class Days Summer I or II    
1-2   100%
3-4   75%
5-6   50%
7   25%
8 or later   0
Class Days Full Summer    
1-3   100%
4-7   75%
8-11   50%
12-14   25%
15 or later   0
Class Days Minimester    
1   100%
2   75%
3   50%
4   25%
5 or later   0
Law School    
Class Days    
1-5   100%
6-7   75%
8-10   50%
11-13   25%
14 or later   0
Online MBA    
Class Days    
1   90%
2   70%
3   50%
4   30%
5 or later   0

When a student drops and adds an equal number of credit hours during the 100% refund days, it is considered an even exchange.

Beginning on the sixth class day of the Fall or Spring semesters, the third day of Summer I or Summer II, the fourth day of Full Summer, the second day of Minimester, or the sixth day of the Law Quarter, a student is refunded according to the schedule above for a dropped class and is assessed 100% of tuition and related fees for adding a class plus the change-of-schedule fee - even if adding and dropping the same number of credit hours.

The only exception is if the student adds and drops sections among the same course. These are considered an even exchange. A change of schedule fee is assessed for adding or dropping classes after the 8th class day of the fall or spring semester or the 3rd class day of either summer session.


Students or parents who believe that they have individual circumstances warranting an exception to published refund policies may appeal the application of the policy. To appeal based on these circumstances, the student or parent should contact the Paul L. Foster Success Center for withdrawal appeals or the Dean's Office having oversight of the class for add/drop appeals.